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Dave House is a sound artist, electronic musician and graphic designer based in Edinburgh. He creates site-specific, interactive audio installations and composes and performs music as The Reverse Engineer. He has exhibited, presented and performed at Hidden Door, Talbot Rice Gallery, Kelburn Garden Party, Summerhall and Edinburgh International Science Festival, amongst others. He is the founder and manager of The Noisefloor music studio and dhouse design.

featured work:

(In)valid Inferences


Quadraphonic installation created in collaboration with visual artist Sarah Calmus for Paradigm Electronic Arts festival, 2017.

“An inference is valid if (and only if) the truth of all premises guarantees the truth of the conclusion.” – David Hume

Meaning is frequenty sought within complex and fragmentary systems. Personal and global worldviews emerge, evolve, blend and fall from favour. In a plugged-in, post-truth world, how do we decide what to believe and where do we look for clarity?

You are invited to submerse yourself within the shifting, illusory audiovisual patterns of (In)valid Inference and encounter moments of lucidity, ambiguity and displacement.

13,671,060 Minutes


The Leith Theatre closed its doors to the public on 26th May 1992. 13,671,060 minutes later, on 26th May 2017, they reopened for Hidden Door. This piece marks the intervening years of melancholy yet beautiful disrepair, using recordings made in the theatre.
62.32 minute-long compositions are played at random through 4 speakers. The total number of possible combinations of this ever-changing soundscape is 13,671,060. If each iteration were played back to back, it would precisely span the theatres 25 years of emptiness and decay.

The piece was originally presented in an old, forgotten storeroom in the back of the Leith Theatre.

½(3+√5+4√13671061) = 62.3168

Tim Vincent Smith: violin, voice
Daniil Dumnov: accordion
Matt Wright: saxophone, whistle, voice
Atzi Muramatsu: cello
Lizabett Russo: voice
Matt Webb: double bass
Darragh Quinn: violin
The Leith Theatre: itself

HD Audioscope

The HD Audioscope is Dave’s response to the ASCUS Chamberlain Group Micro-Residency that took place between February and May 2014.

HD Audioscope screenshot

Download and explore the HD Audioscope here
(PC only – Mac version coming soon).

The HD Audioscope is inspired by conversations with a man whose wife died of Huntington’s Disease (HD) and time spent in a laboratory investigating the condition.

HD steadily destroys neurons and synaptic connections resulting in early dementia and a loss of muscle control, amongst other symptoms.

For people with HD, their families and their carers, the disease presents daily personal, practical and moral difficulties. HD is hereditary, and always fatal.

While genetic research is revealing vital insights into causes and potential treatments, by its nature the work is minute, highly specific and disconnected from the day to day reality of sufferers.

Breakthroughs in the lab offer new understanding, clarity and hope, but sometimes the human stories are lost amidst the science.

10 artists were selected by ASCUS to attend a series of workshops in Chamberlain Lab, University of Strathclyde, which is conducting research into Huntington’s Disease. A spokesperson from the Scottish Huntington’s Association also spoke to the group about the reality of living with the condition.

During the residency Dave made recordings in laboratory itself, as well as interviewing a man whose wife died of Huntington’s Disease. Dave was struck by the vital but detached scientific research and the practical, emotional and moral hardships faced by sufferers and carers on a day-to-day basis. The HD Audioscope is an interactive sound environment that explores these two worlds.

The work of all the artists involved was exhibited in Glasgow between 29/05/14 – 02/06/14. Dave also gave a brief introduction and demonstration of the HD Audioscope on the opening night, which you can watch below:

You can download the HD Audioscope here and explore it yourself. Note that this version is a ZIP containing a PC .exe file. A Mac version is coming soon.

Dave presenting the HD-Audioscope at Strathclyde University

Photo: Guy Hinks

Artists working in the lab

sequenced dna

Chamberlain lab



Sound/Art is an ongoing collaboration between Dave and Topaz Pauls, a life model and artist in which life drawing and music meet.

Microphones are placed on drawing boards, artist’s fingers and near the life model. The sounds of pencils and charcoal scraping and scratching, paper swhooshing, erasers rubbing and the model breathing is manipulated in real time to create an immersive soundscape that is played back to the artists.

Everyone involved is a performer and participant. The audio is never the same twice and varies from intense pointilist textures to sweeping ambient drones.

Video by Topaz Pauls.

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